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Alberto Villoldo speaks…


Here, Dr. Alberto Villoldo talks about the Luminous Energy Field and other topics we have covered so far. Parts two and three  covers Imprints and their effect on our lives. Very helpful.



Reading Your Chakras


It is said that before a shaman can be of any help to anyone else, before being able to heal others, the shaman must first heal him/herself. For me, this is my main goal, healing self physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. In actuality, it’s more than a goal – since there’s not finish line – it’s more of a journey. A journey where I am moving (forward?), growing, changing, and becoming who I really am.

Learning how to read your chakras is an important step in this journey. As discussed before, each chakra is a spiral of energy that spins in a funnel shape in front and in back of the body.

Follow the approach previously used to sense the luminous energy field. Start with the Second Attention exercise – remembering to breathe throughout – then proceed with each of the below steps:

  1. Starting at three inches below your navel (Sacral chakra – 2nd);
  2. Place your open palms closely over the area;
  3. Imagine feeling for the outer edge of the chakra funnel;
  4. Place your index finger inside the chakra and consider how it feels: cool, warm, tingly, soft or rough?
  5. Since this chakra is related to the flight-or-flight reflex, to determine any measurable changes, think about a fearful experience and repeat the above step.
  6. With a few of the other chakras, repeat steps 2-4, then include the following steps one-at-a-time;
  7. Root chakra (1st) – think about a time in which you felt safe  – repeat step #3;
  8. Solar Plexus chakra (3rd) – think about a time when you were acknowledged for an achievement or ashamed for a mistake made  – repeat step #3;
  9. Heart chakra (4th) – think about a time when you were in love or had a broken heart  – repeat step #3;
  10. Throat chakra (5th) – think about a time when you experienced great peace or turmoil  – repeat step #3.

Antonio Villoldo speaks of the above readings as quantitative, by determining the strength and weakness of any particular chakra.  Whereas, one can use a qualitative approach to the reading. In these situation, the chakra can provide a particular message or story seen through the Second Awareness Exercise.

Shaman, Healer, Sage – Chapter 4


Chapter 4 – The Chakras

The Anatomy of the Chakras

Chakras, as mentioned in a earlier post, are clockwise spinning orbs of energy – located 3-4 inches outside of the body. Each vibrates at a specific frequency equating to a pure colors of the rainbow. This indicates clarity and optional whole-body/spirit vibration with the Universe. “According to legend when you acquire the rainbow body you can make the journey beyond death to the Spirit world. You are able to assist others in their healing and you can dies consciously since you already know the way back home” (p.73).

There are 7 main chakras, the eighth chakra is your connection to the God in us. And when it is clear, it appears like a golden disk – like that seen in paintings of Christ, this light appears like a halo. The ninth chakra is our place in God, the infinite – the part of us that extends out into the cosmos…forever and ever.

Causay is the nutrient that our chakras need for energy – like food and water for our bodies. Our chakras must be clear to benefit from Causay. The chakras are divided into those which are primarily energized by either the “earth” or the “sky”. Earth-based religiouns focus on the female – emotion, sensuality, fundamental. Sky-based (or sun-based) religions focus on the male – reason, technology, logic.
Below is a brief detail on each chakra:


The First Chakra – Base/Root Chakra

Element: Earth

Color: Red

Body Aspect: Physical foundation, elimination of wastes; rectum, legs, feet; testosterone and estrogen

Instinct: Survival, procreation

Psychological Aspects: Feeding, shelter, safety, ability to provide for ourself

Glands: Ovaries and testes

Seeds: Kundalini, abundance

Negative Expression: Hoarding, predatory behavior, mindless violence, chronic fatigue, birth trauma

Location: base of spine, between anus and genitals

Action: Grounding

The Second Chakra – Sacral Chakra

Element: Water

Color: Orange

Body Aspects: Digestion, intestines, kidneys, urinary tract, sexual potency, adrenaline, lower back pain, menstrual pain, loss of appetite

Instinct: Sexuality

Psychological Aspects: Power, money, sex, control, fear, fighting, passion, self-esteem, sexual or emotional abuse, inherited parental issues, incest

Glands: Adrenals

Seeds: Creativity, compassion, family

Negative Expression: Fear, fighting

Location: Four-fingers below belly button

Action: activates the adrenals, stress glands, fight flight reaction. This chakra can use any type of energy as food.

The Third Chakra – Solar Plexus

Element: Fire

Color: Yellow

Body Aspects: Stomach, abdomen, liver, pancreas, storing and releasing energy, spleen

Instinct: Power

Psychological Aspects: Courage, power, expression in the world

Gland: Pancreas

Seeds: Autonomy, individuation, selfless service, fulfillment of dreams, longevity

Negative Expressions: Gastrointestinal disorder, anorexia, sorrow, pride, ego inflation, neurotic symptoms, low energy, victim mentality, temper tantrums, shame

Location: At the Solar Plexus

Action: The Power center

The Fourth Chakra – Heart Chakra

Element: Air

Color: Green

Body Aspects: Circulatory system, lungs, breasts, heart, asthma, immune deficiency

Instinct: Love

Psychological Aspects: Love, hope, surrender to another, compassion, intimacy

Gland: Thymus

Seeds: Selfless love, forgiveness

Negative Expressions: Ego aggrandizement, resentment, selfishness, grief, loneliness, abondoment, betrayal

Location: At the center of the chest – near the heart

Action: Unconditional love

The Fifth Chakra – Throat Chakra

Element: Light

Color: Blue

Body Aspects: Throat, mouth, neck, esophagus

Instinct: Psychic expression

Psychological Aspects: Manifesting dreams, creativity, communication, faith

Gland: Thyroid, parathyroid

Seeds: Personal power, faith, will

Negative Expressions: Betrayal, addictions, psychosis, sleep disorders, lies, fear of speaking out, gossiping, toxicity

Location: At the hollow of the throat

Action: Gives voice to the feelings of the heart


The Sixth Chakra – Third-Eye Chakra

Element: Pure light

Color: Indigo

Body Aspects: Brain, eyes, nervous system

Instinct: Truth

Psychological Aspects: Reason & logic, intelligence, empathy, depression, stress-related disorders, denial

Gland: Pituary

Seeds: Enlightenment, self-realization

Negative Expressions: Delusion, neuroses, inadequacy, seizures

Location: At the middle of the forehead

Action: Express the divine within ourselves and see the divine within others

The Seventh Chakra – Crown Chakra

Element: Pure Energy

Color: Violet

Body Aspects: Skin, brain, hormonal balance

Instinct: Universal ethics

Psychological Aspects: Selflessness, integrity, wisdom

Gland: Pineal

Seeds: Transcendence, illumination

Negative Expressions: Psychoses, regression, cynicism

Location: Top of the head

Action: Time mastery & event influencer

The Eighth Chakra

Element: Soul

Color: Gold

Body Aspects: Architect of the Body

Instinct: Trancendence

Psychological Aspects: None

Gland: None

Seeds: Timelessness

Negative Expressions: Templates of disease

Location: A few inches above the head

Action: Access to ancestral memory

The Ninth Chakra

Element: Spirit

Color: Translucent white light

Body Aspects: None

Instinct: Liberation

Psychological Aspects: None

Gland: None

Seeds: Infinity

Negative Expressions: None

Location: At the heart of the Universe – outside of space/time.

Action: Creation – where the self never born or never dies

Next, I will look at how shamans use chakras in their work.