I’ve been interested in Alternative Health for many years, including essential oils, massage, whole foods, yoga, and herbalism.  But there’s something about energy healing that’s touching me somehow.

My first education was at UNLV where I attended a workshop on the Healing Touch in the early 2000s. Then soon after, I took a few sessions with Dr. Richard Jelusich, who taught a Healer’s Training course in Las Vegas (actually, he still does).  My third connection was with 1st and 2nd degree Reiki attunements here in Atlanta.  Each taught me much, but let me know that I have so much more to learn about energy healing. And that I must regularly practice and continually seek training. I am so excited – and relieved – that I have finally made up my mind and opened myself up to spirit.


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  1. Hello, my names Emmett and I think your website rocks! I’m going to be in Taos in a day or two and would love to meet you and learn more about energy healing. I’m trying to make it to all 50 states in 50 weeks and I left home in Connecticut 131 days ago with just 50 bucks. Check out my website its hobodyssey.com. Anyway I hope to hear from you, have a nice rest of the day!

    • @Emmett – what an adventure you’re on and all of the great people you’re meeting along the way. I’m actually I’m in Georgia – so when you make it to this part of the country, let me know.

      Respect your journey…

  2. Hi, recently i have been having a lot of “things” happening. i need some guidance, i have no money tho! i can see auras, i can see angels and spirits, i can see dimensions. and i get messages all the time. i see visions in the clouds. anyways, i know i can heal thru my hands, but my attention span to watch videos online or read things in books is hard, because since im “intuitive” right now, my attention gets distracted a lot, so i end up reading 20 books at once! anyways, im from the Seattle area, and was hoping that u might have a friend who is into the same things that could teach me? well i hope to hear from you! Thanks, Jamie Waterfall

    • @marti – at this point, I am a student of energy healing. I feel this is a place where we can all learn together through books, video and audio instruction.

  3. Hi! Actually my comment is to the post “Shaman, Healer, Sage – Chapter 3”. Started with Villoldo myself in 2012… 🙂 Hope you’re still going strong! But my comment is about the picture from the HeartMath Institute. I feel strongly that they’ve made a mistake by not letting the torus cover the whole figure. Our energy-lines extend through our feet into the earth, like metaphysical roots. At https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pp-r_f8-qz8 they use a correct picture.
    With love, Eva

    • Greetings Eva! I haven’t been posting on this site for a long while. But I really appreciate your comment and agree with you. It’s great to have people that want to make sure the most accurate information is available for others. Take a look…I’ve updated the post.
      Perhaps I’ll start spending time here again.

      In peace – Msaada

  4. Hi Msaada! Thank you so much!!! 🙂
    An interesting question – “Whereas, the Earth’s field appears to flow in the opposite direction (…) . I wonder why the difference?”
    To me, the different directions in the energy-flow in human bodies and in Mother Earth feel like complementing energy circuits, as in plus/minus connecting to minus/plus.

    Wherever you decide to spend your time – please shine on! 🙂

    Warm regards,

    • Hi Eva – interesting idea! I’m thinking something like the energy of the infinity symbol. I love this way of connecting our energy to that of the earth’s…
      Blessings, Msaada

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