What is Quantum Touch?


Here a brief introduction to Quantum Touch. Unfortunately, the full basic series that I recently saw on YouTube has been removed (maybe it’s proprietary information…). It’s understandable.

But just to give you an idea of what this type of healing is about, here’s a good video.

This is a way of healing that anyone can do. The idea is to raise your energy field, then place your hands on the recipient, within a time their energy will entrain or match with yours. This causes the person to heal themselves. The practitioner does not actually do any healing, they only create an environment conducive for healing.

Below are before and after images of the mis-aligned legs of a woman called Rebecca. She had suffered from Multiple Sclerosis. The lower pictuthe improvement due to a single Quantum-Touch session by brand-new workshop students. A testimony that anyone can heal.

I hope to be able to post more of Richard Gordon’s videos.





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