Step-By-Step, The Illumination Process


When a healer wants to start a healing session, she/he will follow the below steps. (Note: This is a brief summary of the steps, it is important to only perform these actions if you are trained by a professional).

1) Client assessment

2) Track for imprints

3) Open sacred space by calling in the four directions

4) Envelop your client in your Luminous Energy Field.

a. as you would expand the field for yourself, instead you would expand it even further to include the client. The client would be laying faceup on the floor or a massage table.

b. sit or stand near the client’s head.

c. client should breath deeply

5) Apply deepening points

a. cradle client’s head in both hands

b. hold pressure points in the back of the head at “the heavenly gate”, to encourage a trance-state.

6) Opening Chakras

a. hold your hand a few inches above a chakra

b.  rotate hand around 3-4 times within chakra.

c. toxic energies begin leaving the chakra.

d. rotate counterclockwise.

e. if the client appears uncomfortable with the pace of opening the chakras

7) Apply release points – Important step!

a. discharges heavy energies from the chakra through combustion

8) Extract Dense energies

a. flick energies to the ground

9. Call on Jaguar

a. consumes toxic energies

10. Illuminate to clear imprint

a. perform Illumination Process

b. gather  energy from the 8th chakra and place in client’s open chakra

11. Balance Chakra and close Luminous Energy Field

a. spin chakras in a clockwise direction several times

b. close Luminous Energy Field

12. Process with client

13. Close the four directions.

The above are the basics steps of  how a shaman may proceed with a healing session. Individuals may vary with the specifics, just keep in mind this is only a  general approach to follow.



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