It’s Illuminating.


Finally… on to Chapter 7 – The Illlumination Process.

In our everyday activity, we can be pulled in several different directions, every which way and loose. The Illumination Process is a type of healing that can bring us back into balance.

It is said that this process works in three ways:

  • By burning up the sludge and deposits that cling to the walls of the chakras (promoting longevity and strengthening the immune system)
  • By combusting the toxic energy around harmful physical and emotional imprints
  • By scouring clean the imprints within the Luminous Energy Field
The Illumination Process

“Imprints are like dormant computer programs that when activated, compel us toward behaviors, relationships, accidents, and illnesses that parody the initial wounding… [They] can predispose us to follow certain pathways in life” (page 46).

Every imprint can be traced back to a specific chakra. It affects the chakra, which in turn affects our physical and emotional selves.  Our past is connected to our present. But our goal with this type of healing is to encourage that which encourages growth and combust (burn away) that which does not.

More on combusting these energies soon.


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