The Second Awareness Exercise


I want to be clear, the book that I am currently following is “Shaman, Healer, Sage by Alberto Villoldo. The techniques described are those Alberto expounds upon in the book. So if you interested in more detailed information, please refer to his book. I highly recommend it – in case you didn’t know…

Also, as mentioned a few days ago, the post “Reading Your Chakras” stated the process was a quantitative measurement of the chakras, but I am feel it’s more a qualitative measurement. The concept is about the feeling of the chakra – that is very subjective; we each sense things in a very unique way. It cannot be measured with a ruler or measuring cup. So being successful at “reading” requires careful attention and thoughtful contemplation.

The Second Awareness Exercise, on the other hand, is one where we can sense the stories the chakras tell us.

I found the below document called the Munay-Ki Transmission Rites – will go over the entire document in the future – but for now, the focus is The Second Awareness Exercise found on page 33-35.*TwDNBSxkWEPjOEW29EwNag*MX1Z70*rxv4H-CwnJTj5ka52XKcihTH3*eyrYPyLvVePX9QSBLmwU9qLSBuNpD0YJfFORwe3A_/MunayKiTransmissionRites.pdf

We will look at this in detail tomorrow.


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