Reading Your Chakras


It is said that before a shaman can be of any help to anyone else, before being able to heal others, the shaman must first heal him/herself. For me, this is my main goal, healing self physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. In actuality, it’s more than a goal – since there’s not finish line – it’s more of a journey. A journey where I am moving (forward?), growing, changing, and becoming who I really am.

Learning how to read your chakras is an important step in this journey. As discussed before, each chakra is a spiral of energy that spins in a funnel shape in front and in back of the body.

Follow the approach previously used to sense the luminous energy field. Start with the Second Attention exercise – remembering to breathe throughout – then proceed with each of the below steps:

  1. Starting at three inches below your navel (Sacral chakra – 2nd);
  2. Place your open palms closely over the area;
  3. Imagine feeling for the outer edge of the chakra funnel;
  4. Place your index finger inside the chakra and consider how it feels: cool, warm, tingly, soft or rough?
  5. Since this chakra is related to the flight-or-flight reflex, to determine any measurable changes, think about a fearful experience and repeat the above step.
  6. With a few of the other chakras, repeat steps 2-4, then include the following steps one-at-a-time;
  7. Root chakra (1st) – think about a time in which you felt safe  – repeat step #3;
  8. Solar Plexus chakra (3rd) – think about a time when you were acknowledged for an achievement or ashamed for a mistake made  – repeat step #3;
  9. Heart chakra (4th) – think about a time when you were in love or had a broken heart  – repeat step #3;
  10. Throat chakra (5th) – think about a time when you experienced great peace or turmoil  – repeat step #3.

Antonio Villoldo speaks of the above readings as quantitative, by determining the strength and weakness of any particular chakra.  Whereas, one can use a qualitative approach to the reading. In these situation, the chakra can provide a particular message or story seen through the Second Awareness Exercise.


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