Reading Your Energy


Now we are ready to learn about sensing the Luminous Energy Field (LEF). We start with the Second Attention exercise (with long slow breaths and closed eyes), shake hands vigorously, then bring them into the prayer pose.

From there, follow the below instructions:

  • Maintain the prayer pose while raising the hands above the head
  • When hands are above the head, turn the hands up and outward
  • Fan your arms down to the level of your belly
  • Move your hands back and forth to feel the LEF (how does the texture feel, can you manipulate it, what color do you think it is)
  • When done, return your hands to the prayer pose while breathing deeply
  • Practice this exercise until you feel the LEF

*Note:  the movements shown in this video are my interpretations of the instructions offered by Alberto Villoldo in Shaman, Healer, Sage (p.118-119). Yet the goal is the same – to sense energy.


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  1. Hello there i live in Atlanta Geogia i purchased this book a couple months ago in november 3 at a used book store a very good book…thanks for bringing this to my attention i was surprised when i found it here again there most be a reason for it…last night i was listening to the music from that area he went into peru to study with the shamans…

    • Greetings Barbara – fellow Atlantan! I agree, I believe there is a reason for everything – may not see it immediately, but at some point in the future it may become very clear. When I first read this book, I felt a connection to their approach to healing, and culture (including the beautiful music)…

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