Ready For Some Exercises?


There are a number of exercises that will help us to connect our third-eye and heart chakras to our visual cortex. But before we begin, we have to relax that part of us that is logical, practical, and rational. We need to “be” on a purely sensual level – use only your senses. Experience life through your senses without thinking about it, just allow it to flow, flow through you without judgement or reason.

Exercise #1 – Perceptual

First, take your pulse – but don’t count it, just experience it. Use your imagination of how your blood flows, how it looks, where it’s going. Speak to it, ask questions.

Become aware of your breath, cover one nostril, then the other. Follow the breath to wherever it goes in your body. How does it feel? What does it sound like?

Now use your sense of smell. What do you smell like? Smell different smells and note how it affects you.

Touch. Yourself. Someone else. Then focus on your feet. Do things with the opposite hand – feel the awkwardness.

Now taste something. Your skin – note if it is salty, bitter, or sweet. Try the water from the faucet compared to different bottled water. Drink and eat very slowly, fully experience the activity.

Lastly, close your eyes and listen. Identify as many sounds as you can without looking. Identify tones and volume.

“To practice primary perception, shams have developed a kind of “common sense” that bridges all of the senses. They are able to taste fire, to touch the fragrance of a flower, and smell an image. They  attain immediate perception before an experience i divided among the senses, an ability known as synesthesia (p.116). It’s like using each of your senses interchangeably.

Coming up – another exercise.



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    • @Cassie – I like that. Your high school teacher really understood how important it was to just be aware. And not always in perpetual motion, constant thought. As with yoga – being in the moment.

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