Shaman, Healer, Sage – Chapter 3


Chapter 3 – The Luminous Energy Field

Everyone has a field that surrounds them – it’s like a translucent halo of energy. “Just above your skin, streams of golden light shimmer and flow through the acupuncture meridians. Between your skin and the membrane of the Luminous Energy Field swirl resplendent currents that fuse into whirlpools of light. This reservoir of vital force is a sea of living energy as indispensable to our health as the oxygen and nutrients carried by the bloodstream. They are the energies of the Luminous Energy Field, the purest and most precious fuel for life. When the vital reserves in the Luminous Energy Field are depleted through illness, environmental pollutants, or stress, we suffer disease. We can ensure our health and vitality and extend our active, healthy years by replenishing this essential fuel” (p.43).

The Luminous Energy Field is one observed by many different cultures throughout the world – but may be called by different names.

The Anatomy of the Soul

This energy field is composed of four layers that extend outwards from the body:

1. Causal (Spirit)

2. Psychic (Etheric – Soul)

3. Mental-emotional (Mind)

4. Physical (Body)

It seems that the layers are counter-intuitive, whereas the Physical layer is the one furthest away for the actual body and the Spirit is situated the closest to the body. Each layer stores energy to be used for that particular element. For example, the Physical layer stores the energy necessary for the body to use, etc.

As well, the field stores all of our memories – personal, ancestral, and past lifetimes. Imprints are present in the particular layer where they had an effect. If you had some sort of physical trauma when you were a child, an imprint of that is left in the Physical layer.  What is interesting here is that the text states we are predisposed to our life path resulting from the combined imprints from each layer. The events that have happened to us have brought us to this very place where we stand. Who we are today is a result of every single imprint from our past. 

“When there is no imprint for disease in the Luminous Energy Field, recovery from an illness happens at tremendous speed. By the same token, imprints for diseases can depress the immune system, and it can take an extremely long time for us to regain our health during an illness” (p.46). By addressing these imprints, this can have a enormous effect on our path to wellness.

The Illumination Process is one way to change or remove these imprints from our energy field.

Rivers of Light

These pathways can be seen at the beginning of this “Science of the Heart” video image (by HeartMathInstitute).

The Luminous Energy Field is shaped like a torus (doughnut) – which is similar to the Earth’s magnetic field. Streams of energy flow out the head, around the body in the shape of an oval the width of outstretched arms, down into the earth a couple of inches, then up through the feet. Thereafter, the flow repeats. Whereas, the Earth’s field appears to flow in the opposite direction – in through the North Pole, down through the South Pole then around back up through the North Pole again. I wonder why the difference?

(Flux) lines that are found along the earth can also be found along the body – they are actually called energy meridians. Our veins and arteries form these meridians and can be seen by some as rivers of light on the body.

Alberto tells a story of Maximo, a healer who could “see” these rivers of light. He was treating a woman with a bad case of asthma. Standing at her back, he traced a line with his finger along one side of her spine, then dug his fingertips deep into  her skin. Maximo continued this process stimulating acupuncture points which normally address asthma. Interestingly, he stated that he didn’t know anything about acupuncture and that he was taught by his grandmother to see these rivers of light and blockages. The technique of massaging these blockages would allow the light to flow freely.

The Chakras

With many traditions, there are seven chakras – they are swirling orbs of energy located throughout the body. But with the Q’ero healers, they recognize two additional chakras, totaling nine: the eighth is located above the luminous body but still within the Luminous Energy field, and the ninth resides outside of the body part of infinity. More on chakras later.

Live Long and Radiantly

Having a energy field which is filled with toxic energies and pollutants, is apt to bring about a compromised immune system and possibly dis-ease. This too, can have an effect on how well we age. One way to improve the state of your energy field is to cleanse the chakras.

Coming up next…a video series on chakra cleansing.


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